About Veruca James

I am Veruca James. I'm a Midwest girl at heart with a love of adventure and passion for living that has always driven me to follow my dreams. Currently, I am an American porn star and entrepreneur, but those titles are relatively new. Many people find my previous career as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to be just as shocking and interesting as my current. I'm a very diverse and dynamic person and once you get to know me you'll understand that there is not one single title that can define me.

I was born on April 6 in a western suburb about 30 miles outside of Chicago. As an only child raised by a single mom, I learned that the only way to get where and what you want in life was to work hard. I was a straight A student who always loved school. When I realized the public school in my small town wasn't going to get me into an Ivy League school, I asked my mom to send me to private school. That was in the 4th grade. I attended private catholic schools from 5th grade through my high school graduation. Actually, my high school was an all girls private catholic school. As much as I hated all the strict catholic dogma imposed on me, I still valued the discipline and education I received. Being in an all girls environment definitely encouraged my confidence. I saw my intelligence as my best quality. I wasn't slutty in high school because the environment I was in taught me that being slutty was an insult to my intelligence. Good ol' fashioned catholic guilt! Now, that doesn't mean I wasn't sexual, I was definitely sexual! I just always had long-term boyfriends that allowed me to be sexual without the criticism. Looking back, I'm not sure I could have been satisfied without a long-term boyfriend because I needed to have sex as much as possible, multiple times a week. Being single would have made that difficult! When I got into college and lived on my own, I demanded sex twice a day from my boyfriend, which he found quite exhausting. I was a huge brat about it too!

As soon as I finished high school I got out of my small town as fast as I could. I attended DePaul University in Chicago. (Yes, I know this isn't Ivy League but children often have grand ideas that don't make sense. At least I knew what direction I wanted to go!) Being a city school, DePaul did not guarantee housing for freshman so I lived in an apartment off campus with two friends from high school. I learned how to be an adult very quickly. That didn't bother me though; I LOVED the freedom of being an adult. I loved that being an adult meant no one could tell me what to do. It's interesting how much I loved being independent while still being a huge "rule follower" who wanted to please her family and any other superior. I always had this need to do what was expected of me that conflicted with my desire to be myself. At this point in my life, the need to prove that I could be successful and responsible outweighed my desire for anything else. Being raised by a single mom in a small town, many people would have openly accepted and wanted me to stay in my small town, get married, settle down and live a simple life. Many people hated that I went to school in the city. They wanted me to get an education and be successful, but only where it was "safe." Another reason I was happily paying my own way through college, no one could tell me where to go. I entered in DePaul's business school without really knowing which major I would select. I began working as a makeup artist and production manager for a small magazine and fell in love with the work. Sophomore year I considered transferring schools and entering a production management program. At the same time, I was finishing my 2nd accounting course and my professor sat me down and told me that I was setting the curve in my class and I really should consider a career in accounting. She explained that she could help me get a paying internship at a Big 4 accounting firm and I would graduate making $55k. That totally squashed my plans of transferring schools to pursue a degree that would not offer a paid internship and would most likely require 1-3 years of working for free. I had bills to pay and my student loan payments would kick in 6 months after I graduated so I needed to know I had a job locked down. I went on to graduate with an accounting and finance degree. The internship she promised led to a part-time job while I finished school and a full-time job as soon as I graduated.

I remember the next few years working in public accounting as a haze of endless hours of documentation, workpapers, confirmations, unrealistic deadlines and a lack of a personal life. Just like Chicagoans wear their ability to survive a Chicago winter like a badge of honor no matter how horrible and depressing it is to live, I did the same in my career as an external auditor. I finally reached my breaking point. I finally realized that I had accomplished so much. Two degrees, a CPA, senior status as an external auditor, but I was miserable. I didn't want to waste my youth slaving away watching my life pass me by. I hated the idea that people in my industry would say things like "you'll be so happy when you're 40 and secure, take a break then!" What if I didn't make it to 40!? What if I was too tired by the time I reached 40 to have fun!? What if I reached 40 and I didn't even know what I enjoyed anymore because I spent 20 years ignoring my passions?! I decided to quit public accounting and take a job as an Operations Analyst for a mutual fund company. (I worked as an external auditor with a specialization in the financial industry sector. I NEVER did taxes; we collaborated with a tax team for our clients. I hate taxes.) I was promoted to manager within 6 months and was responsible for 13 employees.

While I was working for the mutual fund company my hours were far more reasonable and I finally had time for a personal life. I reconnected with old friends and made new ones. I was finally able to have fun again! I started exploring new people and places to hang out and reconnected with myself. My sexuality flourished during this time. I loved being able to go out and have fun without talking about my boring day job. No one cared what I did for a living and that turned me on. During this time I had sex with men, women, men and women, public sex, short-term relationships, one night stands; all the things I wanted to do before but couldn't because I was so focused on my career. My private life was completely different of that of my professional peers. I was living a double life. I met some women who had performed in scenes on a casual basis for They never suggested I do it, out of respect for my day job, but I was curious from the first time I heard about it. After about 6 months my curiosity outweighed my fear of people finding out and I asked if they could introduce me to Joanna Angel's booking agent. They did and within a month I was flying out to LA to shoot my first porn scene. I remember talking to Joanna Angel in the lobby of the high-rise corporate building I worked in about wardrobe, travel plans and what to expect. She asked if I had ever had anal sex in my private life. I had. She asked if I enjoyed it. I said I loved it! She then said that if I wanted, my scene could be anal. I thought, well fuck I love anal and why not try it with a professional! I flew to LA the next week and shot my first porn scene ever and I did anal.

After my first trip to LA, I fell in love with having sex on camera for the porn industry. The excitement and nervousness of fucking a stranger on camera, with the crew around watching was even more exciting than I expected. I have always loved sex and having sex in public was something I always loved doing with my boyfriends. I lost my virginity in the back of a Honda civic in the parking lot of the drive-in theater I worked for. I loved the rush I got from the fear of knowing that one of my co-workers could walk up to the car at any minute. I'd had sex in partially built housing complexes, behind movie screens, in cars, in theaters, in bathrooms, in the family room while my mom was asleep in the next room, pretty much anywhere I could. Sex on camera was my fantasy. I loved the attention, the anticipation of being with a stranger, the accidental eye contact with a crew member on set that reminded me that I was having sex in front of other people, I loved everything about it. After shooting about 10 scenes, I had to make a decision. I had enough content available to put my day job at risk and what I made for those scenes wasn't worth risking losing my job unexpectedly. Did I want to do porn full-time? I wasn't sure. I had a great job and made plenty of money to keep me comfortable. But, I was living a double life. I applied to all of the LA based agencies. I heard nothing back. I knew living in Chicago was a big deterrent for an agency to sign me, but I wasn't going to move across country without a job. I was in LA shooting a scene for Brazzers, directed by Lee Roy Myers, when the topic of agents came up off set. I mentioned that I had contacted all the agencies without luck and I was asked if I had contacted Mark Spiegler. I knew Mark Spiegler as the best, and most well respected, agent in the adult industry. He only represents 25 girls at a time and they are known as the best of the best. I hadn't contacted him because I was a brand new girl with 10 scenes under her belt; I assumed he only took girls with proven resumes. Before I knew it photos and personal recommendations were being sent to Mark. He came to set the next day to meet me and after a few more meetings/conversations he agreed to represent me. I moved to LA three months later, in June 2012, and began performing full-time.

My first year performing full-time was a whirlwind of new experiences and discovering who I was as a performer. The first scene I was booked for when I moved was an anal scene with Lexington Steele! When Spiegler called me with the booking, I took a deep breath and thought, "Ok, here I go!" During my first year I performed in 81 scenes. That included; boy/girl, girl/girl, anal, blowbang, gangbang, orgy, BDSM, I tried everything. I wanted to experience everything. Even though I was willing to perform in all of the extreme gonzo scenes, I made my biggest impression with my girl/girl scenes. Of the 81 scenes I performed, 34 were girl/girl. I love women and I only had a couple sexual experiences with women in my personal life before performing. I love how women are all so different and depending on their mood and the day, each woman can be totally different in each scene. Girl Friends Films was the company that hired me most and my favorite girl/girl company to perform for. They cast me in my first substantial feature role for their first boy/girl movie, Voila. I played Voila and performed in a boy/girl and girl/girl scene. I enjoyed the experience of appearing in a feature, which has significantly more dialogue and storyline than typical gonzo scenes. During my first year, I also had my first BDSM experiences on camera. I had never seriously tried any sort of BDSM play in my personal life. I dove head first into hardcore BDSM shoots and found out quickly that the mental/emotional/physical demands were something that needed to be researched and studied and experienced in different ways than my "mainstream" shoots. I've put a lot of time and effort into understanding the dynamics and relationships in BDSM. I've tried just about everything I can think of and now my respect and love of BDSM are something I hold close to my heart personally. My BDSM scenes are personal experiences. I learned a lot my first year and my experiences challenged me seek more. As a newbie I was thrilled to receive AVN nominations, which were announced less than six months into my full-time career. I received the following nominations: Best Girl/Girl sex scene; Paint - with Dana DeArmond (Girl Friends Films), Best Double Penetration Sex Scene; Wet Asses 2 - with James Deen & Ramon Nomar (Jules Jordan Video), Most Outrageous Sex Scene; Porn Orgy - Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, Sarah Shavon, James Deen, Mr. Pete, Tommy Pistol & Jon Jon (Vivid). My first year was a success and left me craving more.

After my first year performing full-time, I began to gain recognition as a hardcore gonzo performer. To date I have performed in ~200 scenes; 64 girl/girl scenes, 7 blowbangs, 4 gangbangs, 39 BDSM, 11 DP and 51 anal. My resume is diverse and I love that. My scenes are always different and always challenge me to enjoy my sexuality in new ways. I hate to pick favorites, there are so many genres of sexual gratification it's hard to compare them to each other. If I had to narrow it down to a handful of favorites; I would choose blowjobs/blowbangs, DP and group/orgy scenes with BDSM being in a separate honorable mention favorite. After about a year and a half into my full-time performing, I really began to hit my stride. 2014 has definitely been my best year yet. I started landing scenes for directors/producers/talent that I was really excited to work with. Lisa Ann hired me to performer with her in a five guy/2 girl orgy for her "Lisa Ann's Black Out 2," which is currently nominated for Best Group Sex Scene in the 2015 AVN Awards. Zero Tolerance approached me about being in their "No Limits" gangbang series. I was more than excited! This would be my first DVD boxcover in which I appeared all by myself. Also, the entire DVD was one long ninety-minute scene, all about me! I was totally ecstatic when it was announced that "Veruca James: No Limits" earned a nomination for Best Orgy/Gangbang Release in the 2015 AVN Awards. My favorite project in 2014 was "Veruca James and The Room of Pure Imagination: A Willy Wonka Parody Gangbang." It was a gangbang parody created for in which collaborated with the director, Princess Donna, to create a truly "Veruca" experience. Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is my namesake. I was coined the nickname, Veruca, before I began performing because I too am an only child who can be bratty and demanding. This was my second gangbang for Donna and this time we really wanted to do something unique and special to me. I suggested a Willy Wonka parody and she immediately loved it. There is dialogue and a storyline leading up to me getting gangbanged by umpalumpas and Willy Wonka in a room full of giant blow up candies, presents and cupcakes. I call it my bubble gum gangbang. 2014 was an incredibly busy year for me and I earned six 2015 AVN Award nominations. In addition to the two I previously mentioned, I received my second nomination in the Best Group Sex Scene category for "King James" a reverse gangbang starring James Deen, myself, Dani Daniels, Maddy O'Reilly, Karlie Montana and Penny Pax. My first time working with the lovely Girl Friends Films' contract star, Prinzzess, earned us a nomination for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene in "Women Seeking Women 100." My scene with Veronica Avluv and Lexington for Jules Jordan's "Anal Bootcamp 2", earned a nomination for Best Threeway Sex Scene. Saving the best for last, the nomination I am most proud to have earned is Performer of the Year. Only fifteen girls are nominated in this category each year and it is the highest honor in the adult industry. I am so grateful and happy to have my diverse and intense body of work acknowledged by the most prestigious awards ceremony in the adult industry. I opened to build my brand, earn passive income and play with different fetishes. "Introducing...Veruca James" was my first exclusive title. I am now involved in as many aspects of the adult industry as my time allows. I'm passionate about sex, sex workers, and the sex industry and eternally grateful that I'm blessed with fans that allow me to financially support my passion.